Mamma Caarrrrry Meee Please!

Discovering babywearing was an unexpected incident for me. After my daughter was born I struggled with the transition to the role of being a new mom. My daughter was born in Kuwait away from home. I had never heard of a Lactation Consultant, let alone Babywearing or Attachment Parenting. So I was in a new... Continue Reading →


Dilli Darshan in KolKol

I wear her in this orange ikat kol-kol mei tai often. I wear her in three different ways, of which one is a high back carry and one is hip carry and one my favorite front carry. I wear her on Raisina hill on a glorious Delhi winter evening. I also wear her while eating... Continue Reading →

The Kol Kol Story

Hello lovely babywearers or soon to be babywearers or skeptical babywearers, I am excited to write the first blog post , a not-so-short story on how Kol Kol came about. I had turned full time cake decorator few years before I had my son. I left an exciting event agency life  to try something on my own,... Continue Reading →

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